Tea Vs. Other Drinks – Which Drink Is The Best?

Every living being drinks and eats for obvious reasons. Both are equally important as they keep your body energized and running. However, when it comes to drinking, there are so many different types out there that choosing one can become quite a job at times. There is no denying that you cannot pit any other drink with water. It is called the universal solvent for a reason. As such, this drink will not only help you digest food and stay healthy. In fact, 70% of our body matter comprises of water. Naturally, when we eat anything, drinking small amount of water can make it easy to digest the food.

This makes water incomparable with other liquids that we consume. Keeping it at the top of the table, we move ahead and check which other drinks we consume frequently and why. Cold drinks are widely consumed in almost all corners of the world and there is a good reason for it. They offer great taste and are helpful in digesting heavy food to some extent. However, they are too heavy for most soft drink lovers and contain large quantities of sugar. Naturally, consuming too much soft drink can be quite hazardous for your health.

Why Tea Is The Best Drink Of All?

In a recent research, laboratory tests revealed that a 250ml bottle of soft drink contains at least 12 teaspoons of sugar. This quantity is too high even for the youth, let along middle-aged and elderly people.

Hence, it is evident that soft drinks don’t offer many benefits apart from great taste. However, they do have a number of cons which should keep you away from consuming them in large quantities. Now comes the turn of household drinks. When we think about these, tea is the first drink that comes to mind. As discussed above, there are several types of tea being consumed around the world. Fortunately, tchaba tea dubai is quite common and a large majority of people love to drink it all year long. Not only does tea offer great taste, some brands are considered great for your health. Green tea is famous for its qualities as it reduces fat deposits from your body. Similarly, Oolong and Matcha tea provide decent quantities of flavonoids and antioxidants and are considered a cure to blood pressure and cancer. The irony is that people often find these facts hard to believe.

Try drinking white tea in Dubai along with other healthy brands and see how your health improves over time.