Common Mistakes Recovering Patients Commit

Getting into an accident or recovering from sickness can be hard for patients. Once they are hospitalized, their life is thrown off course, causing them to drastically change their routines and activities.

The news that they can continue their recovery at home might be the welcome change they are waiting for. But since they are not regularly supervised by their physicians, some patients tend to get a little excited about returning to normalcy, committing mistakes that can adversely affect their healing.

If you are a recovering patient heading home soon, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Rushing the recovery


When the doctor said that you are recovering, it doesn’t mean that you are fully healed. Some patients take this advice for granted, scheduling a number of activities upon their release. But you need to remember that your body is still acclimatizing to your home environment after a long confinement in the hospital. You might be pushing your body to its limits by making plans right after your hospital release. Follow your doctor’s timeline and take it easy.


  • Moving too much


This is a common mistake, especially for athlete-patients who want to get their mobility back on track. Once a person is confined for a long time in a medical facility, muscles are expected to atrophy. Putting too much pressure on your body can delay your recovery. Do not force your body to go back to its former dexterity immediately. You need to ask your therapist for a timeline and what activities can help bring back your body’s mobility.


  • Not taking medications


Medicines prescribed by your doctor are essential to your body’s healing. Not taking them on the prescribed hour would hurt your recovery. You may not feel the effect of these medications in the first few days or weeks, but rest assured that these medicines are doing their job to help you recover.


  • Not asking for help


Being at home makes some patients feel that they need to work and do some chores. But all the heavy-lifting and moving can stress your body out, especially in the first few days after your hospital release. Patients are advised to stay in bed and do minimal tasks until they regain the strength they need to move around.  Subscribing to a home health care service would be an excellent idea as it can help you to monitor your health while you are at home and help you with some of the chores.

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