How To Use Social Media To Get Top Talents

Social recruiting is considered as one of the ways for employers to scout top talents and candidates. Back then, top recruitment agencies in Dubai use traditional ways to look for potential applicants to meet their clients’ needs – from posting in newspapers to word of mouth. But with the emergence of the digital age, they must take advantage of digital means to find top candidates, and one of them is social media.

But using social media for recruitment is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, you need to be extra careful is using this medium to ensure that you are doing it right:

  • Think of your recruitment hashtag

Some recruiters think that using a hashtag might be a little overt the top for doing social recruitment. But you need to keep in mind that you are courting applicants of this generation who are used to this kind of message. You need to keep up with the changing times to be relevant to this kind of audience. So be sure to craft a compelling hashtag message for your social media posting.

  • Post the right time

Some recruiters who are new to social recruiting think that it is okay to post recruitment post any time. But you need to take into account the time your intended audience check their devices or read their messages. Posting at random times would just leave you with a hit and miss opportunity. There might be instances where your audience will see the message, but most of the time, they will not. Narrow down the posting schedule during break time where most employees check their devices.

  • Do not bombard page with recruitment post

If your company has a recruitment page, you might be able to go all out with the recruitment posts. But if you are using the company page for everything, be sure not to bombard your pages with recruitment posts. This not only will mess up your company page, but it will also confusion potential applicants about the vacancies since the feed is changing at a rapid age. Be sure to put some gaps on your posts so people can review and think about each post thoroughly.

  • Entertain questions within 24 hours

You need to keep in mind that you are courting potential employees. Like in sales, you need to ensure that you provide attention to people inquiries about a vacant position you are offering. This people are also looking at other offers, and in order to beat the competition, you need to lock in their attention ahead of other companies.

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